YOYA's 20 Questions: Stefanie Raptis

YOYA's 20 Questions: Stefanie Raptis

Every mom holds her own magic - that arsenal of must have products and best kept secrets which allow her to get through the day and on occasion make motherhood look like a breeze. Each week, we'll use YOYA's 20 Questions to unlock the vault and provide a sneak peek into the essentials of our favorite moms.

This week we're highlighting Stefanie Raptis. Stefanie is a native New Yorker who lives in Hells Kitchen with her husband Aymen and two daughters, Jaida 9 and Luma 2. Stefanie has worked in the skincare and beauty industry for almost 20 years on brands such as Calvin Klein, Korres, Dermalogica, and Neutrogena. Enjoy learn more about Stefanie, from her travel essential for an overseas workout, to the genius mom hack that has us singing along! 


Neighborhood: Hells Kitchen

Work Industry: Freelance Creative Director, Branding & Packaging

My Crew (Kids/Ages): 2 girls, 2 and 9

Morning Routine:  Wake up to baby cries around 6:30/7am. Drink warm water with lemon and a probiotic before my coffee. Drop kids off at school and day care, then off to a workout and back home to tackle work


Go to Outfit: That's kind of my problem...I'm an emotional dresser. I tend to look for pieces that fit my mood so mornings can be sticky! Some of my favorite designers are IRO, Nili Lotan, Mara Hoffman, Ulla Johnson and Rachel Comey

Best Workout: Body by Simone with Beth Nicely. She's a Broadway dancer and is an inspiration. She's sleek and fierce. She will kick your ass...hard. Which is good because I don't like easy workouts! 

Must Have Beauty Product: If I absolutely must pick one, I go for the basics which are part of my diehard sunscreen regimen - Image SPF 70 Daily Moisturizer

Guilty Pleasure: Back to Human salted Dark Chocolate dipped in a bit of almond butter

Currently Reading: The Forgiven, by Lawrence Osborne, but can we call it reading? Until the baby turns 3, I'm half asleep while reading! 

Favorite Instagram Account(s): @eyeswoon, @luxuryaroundyou, @andbeyondtravel, @iamwellandgood, @thetravelpro, @atlantishome, @yellowstudiobarcelona, @drawbertson, to name a few

Home Decor Style: Marriage of Eclectic, Textural and Mid-century Modern

Favorite Destination: Hard to pick just one because I love to explore. So far the best have been Turkey and Morocco

Travel Essential: A jump rope for exercise and baby wipes for basically everything

Hidden Gem: Love Adorned in NoLita


Kids Style: Kid-clectic

Favorite Kids Brands: Nellystella, Crew Cuts, Bonpoint (second hand), Black Crane, Mini Rodini and H&M

Go-to Gift: Slime...are we done with Slime yet? Or am I the only one hoping it will go away? 

Mom Hack: Singing is highly underrated... if you break into a song (Paddy Cake or the Beatles) your kids will get into it with you. I promise it can diffuse a meltdown

Essential Snack On the Go: What did we do before GoGo squeeZ Applesauce?

Favorite Rainy Day Activity: Make homemade soup, baking cupcakes, having friends over, watching movies

For more of Stefanie's favorites, follow along at @stefanieraptis

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