YOYA's 20 Questions: Romy Soleimani

YOYA's 20 Questions: Romy Soleimani

Every mom holds her own magic - that arsenal of must have products and best kept secrets which allow her to get through the day and on occasion make motherhood look like a breeze. Each week, we'll use YOYA's 20 Questions to unlock the vault and provide a sneak peek into the essentials of our favorite moms. 

This week, the spotlight's on Romy Soleimani. Romy is a highly regarded Makeup Artist in the world of fashion and celebrity. Her clients include big names such as Natalie Portman and Alicia Vikander, and her work has been featured in WSJ Magazine, Elle and Allure (to name a few!). She resides in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with her husband Justin and their two daughters Luna, 8 and Marlow, almost 4. Enjoy learning more about Romy, including the fresh skin essentials she can't live without. 



Neighborhood: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Work Industry: Makeup Artist for fashion and celebrities

My Crew (Kids/Ages): Luna 8, Marlow almost 4

Morning Routine: Depends on my work schedule, but I usually drop off Luna and head either to work or to work out



Go-to Outfit: Jeans and something from Maison Mayle or Ulla Johnson

Best Workout: The Class with Taryn Toomey and The Sculpt Society with Megan Roup

Must Have Beauty Product: May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, Retrouve Intensive Moisturizer, Augustinus Baber 'The Rich Cream' and Dr. Colbert Intensify Disks

Guilty Pleasure: Anything on Netflix

Currently Reading: The Idiot

Favorite Instagram Accounts(s) to Follow: @mysticmamma, @sarahsophief, @traceeellisross

Home Decor Style: My home vibe is eclectic and unique with mid century European and Japanese vibes. Kids rooms are simple with a happy vibe. We try to keep it as cozy as possible.

Favorite Destination: Anywhere on the beach... we love taking the kids to Europe in the summer

Travel Essential: Weleda Skinfood, a small travel pillow and a scarf for my neck

Hidden Gem: (restaurant, shopping, etc) La Petite Crevette in my neighborhood



Describe Your Kids' Style: They love leggings, things that are comfortable but they also love a dress. My little one is obsessed with the color orange

Favorite Kids Brand: The Animal Observatory, Bonton, Makie

Go-to Gift: (new baby, bday party, etc) Onsies and bloomers, art and crafts kits

Mom Hack / Gadget / (or) App: I try to stay away from that. I bring markers and paper, but sometimes Toca game and Kid Pop apps are great

Essential Snack on the Go: Seaweed, nuts, dried fruit

Favorite Rainy Day Activity: Cooking, movies and popcorn


For more of Romy's favorites, follow along at @romyglow

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