YOYA's 20 Questions: Meaghan Carrigan

YOYA's 20 Questions: Meaghan Carrigan

Every mom holds her own magic - that arsenal of must have products and best kept secrets which allow her to get through the day and on occasion make motherhood look like a breeze. Each week, we'll use YOYA's 20 Questions to unlock the vault and provide a sneak peek into the essentials of our favorite moms. 

This week's spotlight is on Meaghan Carrigan. New Yorker by way of Washington, DC, Meaghan spent most of her career in the publishing industry first at The Wall Street Journal then Conde Nast. She's a new mom (and self proclaimed personal assistant) to her son Emmet, as well as the Director of Content and Brand Marketing at Tory Burch . In her free time (when she gets any!), she's a fitness fanatic, part time interior decorator and florist, avid reader and Bravo TV enthusiast. Enjoy learning more about Meaghan below! 


Neighborhood: Dumbo

Work Industry: Women’s Fashion

My Crew (Kids/Ages): Emmet/4 months - a freshie

Morning Routine: Still on maternity leave and with a 4 month old, I haven’t quite figured out a routine just yet.  BUT but but, so far I’ve noticed a pattern of consuming a whole pot of coffee, maybe an early am workout of sorts, then it’s baby time.


Go-to Outfit: Nili Lotan jumpsuit and Adidas pool-slides. Basically if I can get away with only putting on one item of clothing (underwear doesn’t count - actually, sometimes I don’t even get that far), it’s a win for me. I gravitate towards easy pieces, plus anything I won’t care too much about if a diaper explodes on me.

Best Workout: Running always, but I’ve been mixing in a few Tracy Anderson classes to spice things up.  I’m an embarrassment when it comes to the choreography but since becoming a mom, I kind of could care less and just go with it.

Must Have Beauty Product: Armani Maestro and YSL touche eclat.  Both are light enough that you don’t feel like you’re wearing make-up but they brighten up my face even after the longest of days/nights.

Guilty Pleasure: If you looked at the books on my kindle (which I will never ever let anyone do, ever) you would be shocked by the diverse library. I’m currently enjoying a mind numbing book about murder and cheating husbands on Nantucket.  Also, parmesan cheese crisps.

Currently Reading: See above.  But to save face publicly, I am simultaneously reading a hard cover Haruki Murakami book - “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” - very meta.

Favorite Instagram Account(s) to Follow: @garyjanetti, @barniclebrothers (my husband’s company - you’re welcome Nick), any and all interior design accounts and of course @theroyalfamily and @kensingtonroyal

Home Decor Style: It’s a mix of high and low - mid century meets island chic?  I like mixing materials and textures so you’ll find rope pendant lighting in the bedroom, sheepskin throws on the dining room chairs and bamboo seating with velvet cushions at my desk. If someone has a name for that, let me know. Almost all our furniture was stolen from our parents’ houses. It's weathered but works.

Favorite Destination: Nantucket in the summers (and fall) and London always.

Travel Essential: Mini travel candles and Supergoop sunscreen.

Hidden Gem: (restaurant, shopping, etc) Neither of these places are hidden anymore, but they are still my favorites.  Battersby in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens - tiny restaurant with no signage so you walk by it mistakenly at least 3 times before realizing your gps is in fact, correct.  Then Raoul’s in Soho - classic New York.  I’m also obsessed with Desnuda - great ceviche place in Williamsburg with a mini outpost on the LES.


Describe Your Kids' Style: Emmet is 4 months old so his style is entirely in my hands. Currently we are cycling thru funky boho rompers, uber preppy yachting wear and little English boy bubbles. We’re all over the map.

Favorite Kids Brand: The Animals Observatory, Bobo Choses, Jacadi, Imps & Elfs, Mini Rodini, The Beaufort Bonnet Company and anything YOYA carries is pretty much on point.

Go-to Gift: (new baby, bday party, etc): Starbucks gift card for new parents (seriously it’s the greatest gift of all); Custom Krazy Straws, Lafco Candles and temporary tattoos for birthday parties.

Mom Hack / Gadget / (or) App: I’m still too new at this mom thing to have any hacks. I’m looking for some though, so open to suggestions! I do keep giant ziplock bags in all of my purses…I guess that’s a hack. There’s at least a million scenarios I can think of where a ziplock bag would be super handy.

Essential Snack on the Go: Emmet only eats milk so my snack on the go is usually a ThinkThin bar because I like to think it actually makes me thin.

Favorite Rainy Day Activity: Light every scented candle in the apartment, watch bad Netflix movies and attempt to snuggle with my kid.  He’s already a member of my husband’s “bad boy club” and thinks he’s 16 so he’s not the cuddliest of babies but occasionally I can get him to relax on me for a minute or two.

For more of Meaghan's favorites, follow along at @megovereasy

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