YOYA's 20 Questions: Liz Libré

YOYA's 20 Questions: Liz Libré

Every mom holds her own magic - that arsenal of must have products and best kept secrets which allow her to get through the day and on occasion make motherhood look like a breeze. Each week, we'll use YOYA's 20 Questions to unlock the vault and provide a sneak peek into the essentials of our favorite moms. 

This week, the spotlight's on Liz Libré. The Brooklyn based mom of three is also the Co-Founder of Lewis, a collection of organic textiles for baby and child which includes bedding, pajamas and nursery essentials. We've had a mom crush on Liz for quite some time - her undeniable talent as an illustrator, incredible eye for design and playful personal style. Enjoy learning more about Liz below, from her go-to gift suggestions for new babies to the meltdown-curing snack she always carries in her bag. 


Neighborhood: Prospect Heights Brooklyn

Work Industry: Co-Founder of ​Lewis​, organic textiles for baby + child

My Crew (Kids/Ages): Griffin 7, Louise 5, James 2

Morning Routine: 6am-8am: mishmash of getting myself ready, reminding older two to get dressed, feed everyone, make school lunches, braid some hair without a brush because we can never find it. A couple times a week, I squeeze in a workout in here while my husband oversees the chaos solo.

8am - walk to school, and I head to work after 



Go-to Outfit: Jesse Kamm pantsand a t-shirt, Loeffler Randall slides

Best Workout: I really enjoy the mental and physical aspects of The Class by Taryn Toomey. My usual go-to is Orange Theory which I’ve found to be the closest class workout to playing a college sport.

Must Have Beauty Product: Soapwalla Face Serum- I put this on before bed and it feels and smells incredible.

Guilty Pleasure: Being out of the house without kids at 6pm for the rest of the evening.

Currently Reading: Circe- I’m only ten pages in because I keep falling asleep. But that’s because I’m tired at night, not because I don’t like it! This is how I get through books. Like a snail.

Favorite Instagram Account(s) to Follow: Eva Chen- She manages to capture SO much every day and is funny and charming and seems so sweet. My friend Erin Jang. She does the most creative projects with her sons. I’m constantly inspired.

Home Decor Style: Wanna Be Minimalist but Can’t Fully Subscribe

Favorite Destination: Long Beach Island, NJ with my family and Sweden in the summer visiting John’s family

Travel Essential: If we’re flying, I always wear compression socks for flights which make me feel better, and I always bring a koosh ball for the kids to play with in the airport because it doesn’t bounce away. Lately, on road trips, we’ve been listening to the kids podcast Wow in the World, which our 7-yr old loves, and we find amusing and interesting too. And whether we’re taking an 8 hour flight or a five minute walk, I always have snacks for everyone.

Hidden Gem: (restaurant, shopping, etc) Layla​ has the best jacquard towels. I love ​Fausto​  for date night and ​A. Cheng​ for clothing. All in Brooklyn.



Describe Your Kids' Style: Print-forward, a little sporty + a little unkempt.

Favorite Kids Brand: Other than Lewis :) I love See Sun, Misha + Puff, Mabo Kids, Nico Nico, Bobo Choses.

Go-to Gift: (new baby, bday party, etc) New Baby: Lewis Burp Cloths+ Lewis Zip Pouch Set+ a favorite baby or mama product like Minois Creamwhich is for babies but I use it as hand lotion bc it feels and smells amazing.

Mom Hack / Gadget / (or) App: I’ve found some great gift ideas and product recs on the app ​SwearBy​  - a round up of things people swear by.

Essential Snack on the Go: Hershey Kisses - I’ve found a little chocolate can do wonders for staving off meltdowns.

Favorite Rainy Day Activity: If everyone is getting antsy, we’ll go for a rain walk. We put on our boots and raincoats go for a walk under the trees in Prospect Park. If we’re staying in, we’ll do an activity together like perler beads or make pom poms or play Exquisite Corpse - our favorite drawing game—terrible name I know.

For more of Liz's favorites, follow along at @lizlibre and @lewisishome

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