YOYA's 20 Questions: Jackie Cox Battles

YOYA's 20 Questions: Jackie Cox Battles

Every mom holds her own magic - that arsenal of must have products and best kept secrets which allow her to get through the day and on occasion make motherhood look like a breeze. Each week, we'll use YOYA's 20 Questions to unlock the vault and provide a sneak peek into the essentials of our favorite moms. 

This week, the spotlight's on Jackie Cox Battles. Senior Vice President at an award-winning PR agency and mother to three, Jackie can often be found navigating the demands of leading global business and raising a blended family with a self-deprecating, non-apologetic and humorous approach that is uniquely her own. Enjoy learning more about Jackie from the power smoothies that fuel her family to the Trader Joe’s secret weapon she doesn’t leave home without.


Neighborhood: Paulus Hook, Jersey City

Work Industry: Public Relations & Communications

My Crew (Kids/Ages): Avery/7, Olney/3, Marty/3

Morning Routine: Our life is fluid therefore so is our morning routine. On the days I feel like I’m killing it, everyone’s been feed and dressed by 7:30am. My husband is out the door with our 7-year-old for school/camp drop off and I’m taking the twin 3-year olds for a run in the jogger. I then do the hand-off to my angel nanny and after a quick primp, I’m on the ferry to the office with the largest coffee available. This is the goal, but each morning is unique and represents its own set of challenges. Regardless, there are a few staples that never change – banana date smoothies for the lot, countless hugs and kisses and a daily morning call to my mom.


Go-to Outfit: Typically, Paige jeans, a cotton crew Vince t-shirt and my Freedom Moses sandals, but more recently my go-tos have been a few pieces I picked up when I was in Italy from an Italian designer called Lazzari. The prints are playful, and remind me of my time there. 

Best Workout: It’s a mix of morning runs with the twins in my BOB jogger and Christina Phillips class at Soul Cycle. Both are loud and fun, but for completely different reasons!

Must Have Beauty Product: Bioderma Sensibio H2O. It’s so versatile. I use it as a make-up remover, toner and sometimes cleanser if it’s been a make-up free day. I’m also crazy about coconut oil!

Guilty Pleasure: Every now and again the stars align and I’m able to steal a kid free weekend with my husband. The few we’ve had have turned into adventure days around New York where we attempt things we never would if our three kids were in tow. It’s so much fun being a tourist in your own city. 

Currently Reading: I wish I had a better answer to this question, but if I were to answer honestly… nothing. Yikes! I’ve had The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld on my nightstand for a while now, but every time I start reading I fall asleep. 

Favorite Instagram Account(s) to Follow: I’m a big fan of @yoya_nyc, of course! Also @scosha, @nytimestravel, and @giftdujour but my husband has the kids hooked on @kookslams. They can’t get enough!

Home Decor Style: My husband and I recently got married and moved in together - a modern day Brady bunch if you will – so currently our home décor is blended as well. We’re a mix of modern meets traditional meets children :)

Favorite Destination: I’ve been fortunate that travel is a big part of both my personal and professional life, but no matter where in the world I roam my favorite destination is always home. 

Travel Essential: Honest Hazel Eye Gels and an oversized cozy wrap are must-haves

Hidden Gem: (restaurant, shopping, etc) Kanibal & Co. in Jersey City has the best selection of gifty items for ALL occasions – housewarming, birthday, etc. I’ve also recently discover the most delicious Paloma ever at Donna in Williamsburg. It’s on tap, so it’s consistently amazing!


Describe Your Kids' Style: Colorful and comfortable. Elastic waistbands are also preferable for all three!

Favorite Kids Brand: Native shoes, which I get from YoyaMy kids wear them everywhere whether it’s camp or running through the sprinklers at Van Vorst Park. They provide great support, especially for the little guys who can still be a bit wobbly on their feet.   

Go-to Gift: (new baby, bday party, etc.) Succulents are a go-to, but so is a great children’s book. Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin is very popular in our house right now, as is Are You Scared, Darth Vader? By Adam Rex. 

Mom Hack / Gadget / (or) App: Less of a hack and more of a strategy, I’m a big believer in the art of distraction. It typically has a high success rate and has saved me from many meltdowns.

Essential Snack on the Go: It’s usually a mix of seasonal fruit and Goldfish. Trader Joe’s organic lollipops are also high in demand. I never leave the house without them! 

Favorite Rainy-Day Activity: There’s nothing better than a good thunderstorm and the kids get a kick out of counting seconds between lightening and thunder. When that gets old, dance parties can also liven up a raining afternoon.

For more of Jackie's favorites, follow along at @jackiecbattles

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