Introducing YOYABuzz

Introducing YOYABuzz

Welcome to YOYABuzz - a collection of stories, interviews, advice and current favorites from YOYA founder, Cristina Villegas and the YOYA Team. We sat down with Cristina to learn more about the inspiration behind this new venture, as well as gain a sneak peak of what's to come!

Why YOYABuzz?

I find YOYA to be a very magical place. I’ll return to the shop after a few days away and am instantly inspired. The bright colors, the merchandise, the energy - it’s all so exciting. There’s a story behind every dress, toy and display we have in store. Launching YOYABuzz allows me the opportunity to share those stories, and dive deeper into how we create our special magic.

What can we expect from the blog?

I always want to provide quality goods and a great shopping experience to everyone who walks through the door. A big part of that experience is engaging with my clients. We’re constantly trading advice, stories and trends. They impact me as much as I impact them! YOYABuzz gives clients access to that conversation whether they have time to pop into the shop or not. We’ll be sharing the stories behind the brands and merchandise, insight into my favorites of the moment, tips on styling, as well as highlighting some very special mommies. 

Speaking of blogs, what are you reading?

Honestly, I try not to spend too much time on the computer. I would prefer to get out, explore a new neighborhood and be inspired by this amazing city that I live in. That being said, I’m a champion for picking up a physical book or magazine and reading through cover to cover. I enjoy the experience of curling up with my favorite read and flipping through its pages. I love Paulo Coelho & Pablo Neruda, as well as interior design magazines likes Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. And cookbooks! I’m not the best at following the recipes, but I pick up great ideas and get inspired in the kitchen.

What else inspires you?

My girls will always be my greatest inspiration. It was about a year after my first daughter Mila was born that I realized the interesting and well-made clothing I wanted really wasn’t available in New York. I wanted to create a place where moms like me could find the best fashion, toys and decor for their kids. The shop has grown as both daughters have as well, and they continue to inspire me each and every day.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m also so inspired by New York City. It’s an incredible place to call home. I love the urban feel of the city, both its grittiness and charm. I get ideas exploring different neighborhoods, popping into well curated stores and people watching. I’m always so impressed seeing the risks really cool kids are taking with fashion. It’s exciting!

Do you have a favorite neighborhood? Any go-to spots?

The West Village will always be a special place for me. When I launched YOYA, I wanted to be somewhere unexpected and up-and-coming, and that’s what the West Village was back in 2002. It was so different back then, but I fell in the love with aesthetic of the streets and brownstones around every corner. There’s such a charm that exists in this neighborhood, and it has been the most amazing place for YOYA to call home.

As for favorite West Village spots, there’s nothing better than starting the morning with an Americano from Rebel Coffee. I usually grab a clean lunch from The Butcher’s Daughter, and love to end the day at Extra Virgin - especially during the summer when the outdoor seating is open! It’s the best for people watching. Interior design is such a passion of mine, and I feel especially fortunate to share a neighborhood with some of my favorite home decor shops - Hawkins New York and Calliope. Always such a treat to pop in and browse!


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