Happening Now: Shop My Closet

Happening Now: Shop My Closet

Summer loving. For one night only, YOYA Founder, Cristina Villegas is kicking off the new season by sharing (and selling!) her collection of clothing and accessories. We sat down with Cristina to learn more about this week’s shopping event, how she’s built her impressive clothing collection and all the treasures one may find at the sale.

So tell us about the event...

This Thursday, May 31st, I’ll be opening up my closet to friends, neighbors and fellow collectors for a night of shopping. I think it’s a fun way to kick off the summer season - toasting the end of cold weather, catching up with everyone before they head off on vacation, all while discovering some new pieces to add into your mix.

Why open up your closet and your home?

I’ve spent years collecting clothing and accessories that I find to be really unique. Behind each piece there's a story of when I discovered it, where I envisioned I would wear it, and how I thought it should be styled. I want to share both my collection and inspiration with those whom I know look for the same type of special pieces for their own closets.

As for why host the event in my home? I share similar styles in how I dress and how I design a space, so I think there’s no better way to see the clothing than in the original place it’s been worn and loved. I also really enjoy entertaining friends and family, so any excuse to get everyone together seems like a good one to me!

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is both eclectic and bohemian. I don’t like to look like everyone else, that’s for sure! I love to mix high and low - pieces that I can wear over and over, regardless of season, mixed in with investment accessories that elevate the entire look. And color, definitely lots of color! I wear spring and summer pieces throughout the fall and winter. For example, I’ll take a hot pink dress that I wore with K. Jacques in August, and pair that same piece with black tights and boots in February. I’m not afraid of color and I think it’s one of the best ways to stand out.

Where do you typically shop?

Honestly, I’m not the biggest shopper. I never wake up and plan on going shopping that day. But when I find something that jumps out at me, I can definitely get a little impulsive! I really love picking up pieces from my travels, as there’s always such a great story behind them. I’ll hit the flea markets in Paris, stock up on printed dresses in Tulum, search for antique jewelry in Brimfield, Massachusetts…anywhere that inspires me.

What can we expect from the sale?

Such a mix! I have pieces from designers like Isabel Marant, Vivienne Ramsey, Ulla Johnson, Rag & Bone, Marc Jacobs and more. Lots of dresses, really cool pants, shoes and handbags, and an awesome selection of jackets and coats. There’s a pale rose dress from Antik Batik that will be perfect for summer, and a salmon jumpsuit from Vivienne Ramsey that I just know will be the first piece sold. Also, an amazing red kimono from Calypso that I immediately fell in love with! I can’t wait to share my collection with everyone and see how each piece is worn and styled in its next chapter.

For more from Cristina's closet, join us this Thursday, May 31st from 4pm-10pm at 252 Front Street, Apt 5. Happy shopping everyone! 

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