Cristina's Picks: Mother's Day

Cristina's Picks: Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day spent celebrating all of the amazing moms and mother figures we’re so lucky to have in our lives. In honor of the holiday, we sat down with YOYA founder, Cristina Villegas, to inquire more about her favorite memories of the day, what’s on her wish list this year, and what pieces from YOYA your mom is guaranteed to love.

What’s been your favorite Mother’s Day Gift, given or received?:

The most sentimental gifts I’ve received for Mother’s Day are the ones my two girls have made for me. Cards, posters, you name it! I love anything that’s really personal and handmade, so when it comes from your own kids - there’s just nothing better. I’d also have to say peonies. They’re my favorite flower, and come into full bloom this month. With Mother’s Day falling mid-May, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Tell us about your Mother’s Day wish list. Anything on your mind?:

I really love decor and interior design, so I’m always on the hunt for new pieces that grab and inspire me. Right now I’m loving Jordan Sullivan, an LA based artist who photographs landscapes through what seems like a candy-colored lens. His work has such a special, psychedelic feel that makes me smile every time I see it.

YOYA is located right around the corner from Le Labo, and I can’t get enough of the candles done in their signature scent, Santal 26. They just released a 4-wick version which comes in a huge concrete vessel and is perfect for the home. I also collect Aurelie Bidermann’s Copacabana bangles and love them to stack them on my wrist during the summer. The bright colors are so fun, and I’m always happy to add new pieces to my collection!

Lastly, and this is definitely a bigger ask, but I’ve been dreaming of doing a family trip to Europe this summer - either a road trip through Spain or somewhere in Portugal. I love diving into new cultures and exploring new cities. Trips like that are always such great bonding experiences with my girls, and we make memories that can never be replaced.

What’s your favorite way to spend Mother’s Day?:

As I would any other Sunday - spending the day relaxing and surrounded by family. I’d take an early yoga class at my favorite studio, Lyons Den, and come home to brunch on our deck - a beautifully done table filled with flowers and dining with my husband and girls. We’re very healthy in our house, and each have a favorite dish that we like to make for the table. It could be avocado toast, my husband’s fluffy scrambled eggs or my daughter Uma’s insane French toast. That would be the perfect morning!

Any great gifts for mom at YOYA?

Yes, of course! We always have a great selection of gifts for mom. Right now I’m into Land of Lulo’s feathered earrings, available in every color of the rainbow. They’re so easy to wear and add such a splash of color to any outfit. Our Fouta towels, which we have made in North Africa, are a must for summer travel. They come in fun colored stripes, and can double as a scarf, swaddle, beach towel or a plane blanket.

I always keep a selection of beautiful coffee table books in the store, whether they’re photography-based, interior design or cooking. I love collecting books like this and find they always make the best gifts. We also have some really fun bags at the moment - brightly colored Mochila bags, embellished Antik Batik clutches and beach bags from Star Mela. Everything mom needs to kick off the summer in style!

Visit YOYA in New York City's West Village, or online at to shop gifts for mom and more. 

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