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the middle daughter lucy locket shorts

We know this name sounds a bit like a plastic toy, but Lucy Locket is a real ‘thing’, not just the name of our short. Taken from the 19thcentury English nursery rhyme of the same name about a girl who loses her pocket. Fictitious she may be, however there was talk that she was inspired by a celebrated courtesan of Kind Charles second. There you go.

Back then a pocket was a pouch worn by women, around the waist on a ribbon, and their skirts had a slit on them for access. Blimey that sounds a bit more straight forward than the frantic rummaging through our handbags doesn’t it? Well no need for any faffy-ing with this short. The pockets, quite 3D like, sit very much on show. Buy these or else go for the pouch on a ribbon we say.

Made from soft cotton loop back sweat shirting in our own developed print. Elasticated rib to waistband and rib detail to pockets and cuffs.

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