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tip toey joey little jump sneakers

•Ultra light nylon and soft leather for the little feet natural movement and healthy development.

•Soft edges and leather lining, that absorbs perspiration and keep the little feet always dry, as if they are “breathing”. Fresh in summer, warm in winter.

•Leather manufactured under the REACH international standards.

•Natural rubber insole with leather lining. It is biodegradable, antibacterial and with a memory effect that returns to its original shape after use.

•Flex & Grip ™ sole with a reinforced stitch on the side. Flexible and resistant with a kick-proof protection.

•Velcro closure, easy for the kids to put on and to get off by themselves.

•Natural rubber sole, ThintoFeel™ with the ideal thickness, no heels or elevation, to promote the sensational incentives babies need for their healthy development.

•FreetoGrow™ roomy design to promote the toes' natural movements of curling and stretching (Patent Pending).

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