Yoya Home - Interior Design Services

yoya room Specializing in children’s bedrooms and playrooms, Cristina brings her unique aesthetic, discerning taste and playful spirit to your home’s interior. A mother of two and a children’s industry insider for over 10 years, she believes that each child deserves a joyful and peaceful place in which to grow. She believes that so much of your child’s confidence, temperment, and creativity can be fostered by growing up in a space that is tailored for them and their unique spirit. She believes that a room can be chic, beautiful, safe and comfortable for a child, without having to abandon the parent’s personal style and design aesthetic.

Yoya Shop - Wardrobe Styling / Closet Curation / Personal Shopping

Cristina brings her voracious love of fashion and her fierce shopping spirit to you and your child’s wardrobe. She curates head to toe looks for you and your baby for everyday or special occasions or trips. She shops, she shoots the looks and organizes your closet by looks every season. For the moms who are too busy and overwhelmed or for those who just don’t enjoy it, Cristina is happy to take it off your hands.

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For any further information, please contact Cristina at YOYA 646-336-6844 or email her at